Building the future of medical care

Building the future of medical care

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About Quin

Quin is a fast-growing digital healthcare partner, that supports patients and GPs in choosing the right care at the right time. We do this by providing personal, reliable and data-driven medical advice on urgency, diagnosis and treatment options. The medical knowledge and expertise of general practitioners and medical specialists are always central to this. We connect patients and GPs on the Quin platform, via a patient app and a GP portal.

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Getting (even) better

The Dutch healthcare system is already one of the best in the world. But we think it can be even better. Waiting times are sometimes long and doctors don’t always have enough time for their patients. As a patient, there often isn’t enough information or insight into the types of care on offer to make informed decisions. We want to change that. In parallel, we want to support GPs in all phases of the care path, so that they have more time for their patients.

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Medical science and artificial intelligence

This is why our GPs, medical researchers, medical specialists, software developers and data scientists are all working on the development of the Quin healthcare platform. We’re doing this alongside a variety of scientific partners and healthcare providers.

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The Quin healthcare platform

On the Quin platform, patients can help us map their health by keeping their medical profile updated and using the symptom checker when they experience symptoms. This helps both patients and their GPs gain more insight into their medical situation. Together with their GP, Quin offers advice on whether or not medical intervention is necessary, and which treatment (if any) is the most appropriate.

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The future of medical care

Our team at Quin is made up of energetic optimists and can-doers. Together we are creating an ironclad solution, combining medical science, real-life expertise and artificial intelligence. We believe that with Quin, we can make a difference to the future of medical care and how patients experience it. Let’s do this!