02 January 2023

How chat feature brings peace of mind

At most GP practices, the phone rings off the hook most of the day. Chat features, such as that of the Quin app, can help accommodate many of these calls and save valuable time. But how do practice employees experience this in everyday operations?

02 January 2023

‘It saves time when patients take on certain care tasks themselves’

We are doing more and more online. But when it comes to GP care, we still pick up the phone.  Yet there are many things patients can also arrange themselves online. Doctor’s assistant Mayleen Schoenmaker notices each and every day how digital tools are making her work easier and faster.

05 December 2022

Get started with tools

Digital tools can help to keep healthcare accessible and of high quality. More and more individual solutions are available, but unfortunately they often remain on the shelf. To ensure that people actually get started, adoption consultant Christiaan de Vries has six tips.

04 November 2022

A smart symptom checker

Questions concerning low-urgency symptoms can often be answered just fine by using digital tools such as a symptom checker. But how does a symptom checker bring peace of mind to patients? And how does that alleviate pressure in the practice?

03 October 2022

‘In our practice, we are already seeing the potential of this platform’

Diego Keijzer is one of the general practitioners who chose Quin's care platform. Implementation consultant Diederik Vergroesen helped him implement and adopt it. Read more about their experiences.

31 August 2022

‘I have more time to make house calls’

General practitioner Payam Vatankhah and senior physician assistant Ilaria Zanaga of general practice Westertoren already work with the Quin platform and share their experiences.

01 August 2022

More control over medical data thanks to the MedMij label

A single, secure online location where everyone can easily access their medical data.

04 July 2022

Ill while on holiday. You can take some matters into your own hands!

What should you do if you experience health problems while abroad?