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Your health in your own hands

Madelon van Tilborg, Head of Medical Content at Quin
March 2022 ● 5 min read

Patient empowerment: Are you familiar with it yet? The WHO (World Health Organization) defines patient empowerment as ‘a process through which people gain greater control over decisions and actions affecting their health’.[1] Research by the Netherlands Patient Federation shows that the need for such self-empowerment is growing. A staggering ninety per cent of the participants have stated that they want to make healthcare choices together with their healthcare provider.[2] Why is patient empowerment so relevant at this particular time? And what does it mean for you and for healthcare?

Greater insight and self-empowerment owing to technology

Thanks to the growing role of technology in healthcare, patient empowerment is on the rise. Digital innovations allow you to stay in touch with your GP from a distance. The GP’s practice can therefore involve you more throughout the entire healthcare process: from symptoms to diagnosis, treatment and aftercare. In fact, this is already happening. Since the start of the COVID pandemic, for instance, sixty-two per cent of general practitioners have implemented the use video calls. Out of patients, thirty-one per cent have already had a digital consultation with a GP or specialist from the hospital.[3] Owing to technology, patient empowerment is becoming both easier and more popular.

Your healthcare in one app

Quin utilises technology to actively involve you in the management of your health. With a handy app for you and an all-in-one desktop application for GPs, we want to connect you, your GP and medical specialist more intensively. In this way, we offer you greater insight into your own health and access to the right medical care at the right time. Together with your GP, you can determine the care that suits you best.


The handy Quin app gives you more autonomy. You can check your own symptoms and make a video call to a doctor if necessary. Or you can read trustworthy medical articles to learn more about your symptoms. Do you have a question? You can ask the medical assistant directly via the app. And viewing your medical data and laboratory results, requesting repeat prescriptions and scheduling video consultations can also be easily arranged through the app. All of the Quin app’s features ensure that you can work on your own health in a well-informed manner.

Safety first

Quality and safety are paramount at all times when it comes to developing our healthcare innovations. That is why we develop them together with the people who use them: patients, general practitioners and medical specialists. We involve these people in every phase of the development process and conduct clinical studies to ensure the reliability, effectiveness and safety of our products. Naturally, we comply with medical standards and all applicable laws and regulations concerning privacy protection.

The power of patient empowerment

Quin believes that patient empowerment has a positive impact on healthcare outcomes. Because if you have insight into possible healthcare choices and can participate in the decision-making process as a full conversation partner, you also have more confidence in those choices. This makes you more motivated to start doing something about your symptoms. It also gives GPs the chance to tailor the care they provide more closely to your specific situation, which improves the quality and effectiveness of that care. And there is also much to gain in terms of efficiency. After all, you can arrange more care matters yourself when you are actively involved in your healthcare process. This takes the pressure off the GP, creating more space and time for them to offer high-quality healthcare. In this way, patient empowerment benefits both patients and healthcare professionals.


Do you also want more control over your health? Download the Quin-app for free via the AppStore or Google Play. If you want access to all possibilities in the app, it is a condition that your doctor uses the Quin-platform. Tip: ask your doctor about this service.


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