Quin fully commits to further platform development

Quin will fully focus on its mission: developing a digital healthcare platform that empowers patients to manage their own healthcare and that supports general practitioners. In the coming period the Quin Doctors practices will be transferred to partners who will manage the practices, with or without Quin as a digital partner.

In 2020 Quin acquired eleven general practices to be able to further develop her platform together with patients and general practitioners. Working with these practices has allowed Quin to further develop the platform and learn many valuable lessons. Quin takes this along in further shaping her platform.

By transferring the Quin Doctors practices, Quin can fully focus again on the development of her platform, as well as offering the platform under license to general practices. This way, Quin makes healthcare innovations widely available, and aims to contribute to future-proof primary care.

It goes without saying that the patient's interests remain paramount during the transition of the Quin Doctors practices. Quin ensures that each practice will be transferred to a suitable partner. The precise details and timing of the transfer will therefore differ per practice and location. Being able to provide the right care for patients is paramount in selecting the most suitable partners. In addition, Quin will do everything in her power to make the transition as smooth as possible for patients and employees.

Quin is convinced the platform enables GPs to focus on what really matters:  providing high-quality care with personal attention to the patient.