Using the Quin app

Using the Quin app

Download the Quin app on your smartphone to use the digital functionalities of your GP practice.
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Personal medical care

Anywhere, anytime

Using the Quin app you have the personal care of your GP at your fingertips. You can start using more and more digital functionalities that are making healthcare smarter, better and more accessible for you.

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Check your health issue

And discover the possible causes

Health issue? The symptom checker (powered by Ada) provides immediate insight into possible causes, plus advice on whether you should see a doctor and how urgent it is. You can save the results in a complaint report. And if necessary, you can immediately schedule an appointment for a suitable consultation.

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Get to speak to a GP the same day

For a quick and short question 

After you have done the symptom checker, choose the option of video calling a GP. Indicate the time period during which you are available and receive an app-notification when the doctor is ready. That saves travel time.

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Video consultation with your GP

Safe and personal via the app

Make an appointment for a video consultation with your own GP. The video consultation takes place via the app or webcam. By safely sharing your health issue report with the GP in advance, he or she can better prepare for your consult.

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Send messages and pictures

Direct contact with the practice

Do you have a practical or less urgent medical question? Then you can send a message to the GP assistant. You can also safely share photos of your visible health issue. You will always receive a response within two working days. Usually faster.

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View your medical file

Including test results

Your GP stores all your medical data in a patient portal. You can directly and securely login via the app. This way you always have the right information about your health at hand. You can view everything about your illnesses, specialist referrals, medicines and test results.

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Learn more about your health

100+ Reliable medical articles

Through the app, you have access to more than 100 medical articles, written by experienced general practitioners and medical specialists. Here you can read everything about complaints, illnesses and disorders, including tips on what you can do about it yourself.

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Order your repeat prescriptions

Arranged quickly and easily

You can also request repeat prescriptions quickly and easily via your patient portal. Place your order and you will be notified when the prescription has been sent to your pharmacy. There you can pick up your medicines yourself at a later time.

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Safe & Reliable

The Quin app is CE-certified as a class 1 medical device and meets the statutory requirements.

All your information will be treated securely and confidentially and we will only use it with your consent.

Download the Quin app on your smartphone to use the digital functionalities of your GP practice.

Questions about the Quin app?

Download the app to get started with these digital functionalities. Do you need help installing and/or logging into the Quin app? Read the frequently asked questions or contact us via the Quin Support Center.