View your medical records

View your medical records

View your medical records

All your data in one overview

Your medical records are stored in the computers of various GP’s. With the Quin app, you can bring them together in one overview. This way, you have all the information about your health issues, contact moments, test results, prescribed medication, allergies and intolerances at hand. You decide with whom you want to share this information. So you are the boss of your own data.


•  Always up to date about your health  

•  Decide with whom you want to share your data  

•   Safely and reliably thanks to the MedMij label 

View your medical records
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Always insight into your health

So you know how you are doing 

How nice it is to have all your medical records at hand. To reread your GP's advice, check your medication or look at lab results. You can share your data with different healthcare providers, as sometimes they are up to date about your history. That way, you won't face any surprises.

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Connect with healthcare providers

And retrieve your data directly 

You can collect data from almost all GPs in the Netherlands. Just make a secure connection via DigiD and retrieve a copy of your data into the Quin app. In the future, you can also connect with other healthcare providers other than GPs, like hospitals, pharmacies and physiotherapists. This way, your overview will become increasingly complete.

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Everything in one overview

Clear, orderly and easy to use 

Have you downloaded your data? Then we will put them in an orderly dashboard, where you can find everything you need in the wink of an eye. Please note that your medical records are not automatically kept up to date. Have you been to the doctor? Then you can easily refresh your data to stay up to date. 

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Safe and reliable

Thanks to the MedMij label 

MedMij is the Dutch standard for the safe and reliable exchange of medical records. Quin meets the requirements of MedMij. That’s why you know for sure that your medical data are properly secured and always sent in an encrypted way. 

Download the Quin app

Download the app to get started with the symptom checker. Need help installing and logging into the Quin app? Then check out the frequently asked questions or contact us at Quin Support.