Symptom checker

Symptom checker

Symptom checker

Quin uses the Ada Health symptom checker. The symptom checker is made to think like a real doctor. By answering a few questions about your health complaint, you get instant, personalized and trustworthy information about possible causes and advice on whether you should see your doctor and how urgent it is.












Symptom checker
99% Coverage

For 99% of the entered health complaints, the symptom checker finds an appropriate complaint to be reviewed.

70.5% Accurate

In 70.5% of complaints, the final diagnosis is in the top 3 possible causes of your complaint. This is comparable to the score of a real general practitioner.

97% Safety score

In 97% of complaints, the urgency level of the assessment is appropriate or safer. This is comparable to the score of a real GP.

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Check your health complaint

Get instant personal advice

Health issue? The symptom checker provides immediate insight into possible causes, plus advice on whether you should see a doctor and how urgent it is. You can save the results in a complaint report. And if necessary, you can immediately schedule an appointment for a suitable consultation.

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Made to think like a general practitioner

In conversation with the symptom checker

The symptom checker asks relevant, personal questions like a GP does. It takes you step by step through the conversation, using artificial intelligence to ask the right question at the right time each time.

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Clear language and explanation

So that everyone can understand

Questions about your health are always personal and sometimes complex. That's why the symptom checker uses clear language and provides additional explanations with pictures if necessary. That way you know for sure what is meant and what answer to give.

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Immediate insight into possible causes

With advice on the right next steps

The symptom checker gives you an overview of the most common causes of your complaint. With a clear explanation and advice on the correct next steps. Based on the knowledge and experience of medical experts and according to the strictest medical guidelines.

Moet je naar de huisarts toe?

Do you need to see a GP?

Make an appointment right away

If necessary, you can schedule an appointment with the GP immediately. Depending on the cause of your complaint and how urgent it is, you will be advised several options. This could be a video consultation or, for example, a visit to the practice.

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Download the Quin app

Download the app to get started with the symptom checker. Need help installing and logging into the Quin app? Then check out the frequently asked questions or contact us at Quin Support.