Encourage colleagues. Empower patients. Enable medical professionals.

Encourage colleagues. Empower patients. Enable medical professionals.

Encourage colleagues. Empower patients. Enable medical professionals.

And future-proof healthcare - for everyone.

Encourage colleagues. Empower patients. Enable medical professionals.
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Innovation starts with a spark, a hunch, an idea. And, in our case, with a vision: to future-proof healthcare for all. As our proposition gained traction, so did our Business and Operations communities.  

Our Business teams reach out to the healthcare world with marketing and partnership. Bring in new clientele and look after them. Expand our brand. Explore new markets.  

Our operations teams are the designers of our success. Placing the right people in the right places. Creating the frameworks and processes that assist us in growing.  

People from all walks of professional life – HR, Commerce, MarCom, Finance, Administration, Legal, Backoffice,et cetera – who excel in their field and work towards a shared goal: to empower patients and medical professionals the world over.  

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Quin Business Operations Office
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Crossing each and every divide

Quin is transitioning from an Agile way of working to a product-led approach. We think flexible roles are better than rigid job descriptions, so we've created an environment that encourages cross-functional projects. Given how fast we are growing (rapidly), how many new technological opportunities are opening up, and how complex, dynamic, and regulated the area we work in is, your ability to adapt is often the key to making the most of your impact. We also value a pioneering spirit and a sense of ownership. When we see a box, we don't crawl inside it to think; we jump on top of it to see more. After all, future-proofing healthcare is a team effort in which every contribution matters

Want to know what we're building ⟶ Read more about our product

Always empowering

We want to improve the world. With our first-in-class solutions and inspired by our conviction that quality healthcare should be accessible to everyone, everywhere. And while we don’t have a hive mentality, we do put stock in the wisdom of the crowd, so we happily share ideas, plans, insights, and experiences, both within our own organisations and with the broader community.   


Meet your fellow healthcare pioneers!

With more than 200 colleagues, who share recipes from over 31 countries and span the gamut from medical doctors to data scientists, business developers, and hardcore techies, Quin constitutes a hugely diverse and engaging team of people. And regardless of background, credentials, and reasons for teaming up, they share a genuine passion: to empower patients further and make life easier for medical professionals daily. What makes Quinners tick? And how do they contribute to our mission? They’re eager to tell you! 


Business Development

"At Quin, we make good care accessible and easy for everyone. My entire team is 100% behind Quin's mission. That makes work more fun and radiates a lot of energy and inspiration! Plus, of course, a lovely office, fun parties, and a great location. Everything and more you can expect from an employer such as Quin."


Partnership Analyst

"I love working with inspiring, fun, and motivated colleagues on a product that could change healthcare in the future. Here at Quin is a very open atmosphere. Quinners are easy to approach and willing to share their ideas or enter into a discussion. Open communication with colleagues ensures more creative solutions, which I value highly."


Lead Recruitment

"Quin is operating in a dynamic and fast-moving industry; that's why we're using the newest technology stack and approach in development. It was a surprise for me that work-life balance at Quin is not just a phrase, our employees do have it, and it's encouraged by our team leaders. We understand that a balanced lifestyle increases engagement and creative thinking at work."


Business Controller

"Drive innovation within healthcare with young, highly motivated colleagues that are in for (healthy) fun activities as well! At Quin, you feel that everyone is convinced of what we will change. You can think of a highly (intrinsic) motivated vibe, driven by mutual respect and content-related matters, within an inspiring and new-way-of-working office. All of this results in an ambitious atmosphere."

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Why join Quin?

Because you’re looking for more than a great job (probably already crossed off your bucket list). You want to contribute to the greater good. A job with palpable impact. And a job you can’t wait to get to in the morning. This is what we offer.

Make impact

on improving the healthcare system

A competitive salary
that reflects your significant contribution to this important goal
Continuous learning is key

especially with our brand-new personal development program

A 100% paid pension

by us, and you don't need to pay a dime

Great colleagues

who are as ambitious, enthusiastic, idealistic, and as fun-loving

An inclusive diverse place

with support and encouragement to be yourself

Regular company events
e.g., retreats, team buildings, and celebrations
Weekly bootcamp sessions

we speed-walk the healthcare talk 😉

The hybrid environment

in a combination of office and work from home

An inspiring office

in Amsterdam’s bustling city center with fresh fruits, healthy lunch, and many creative office spaces

Quin Business Operations More Office

This is your chance to be part of something big.

We sure hope so because we’re always looking for additional purpose-driven talent. Now more than ever because we’re transitioning from a scale-up into a mature product-led organization. So, whether you’re an experienced designer with a keen eye for practical applications, a developer who wants to write code your grandma can be proud of, sales or a medical professional who wants to make a bigger impact, we’d love to meet with you over coffee!

Hiring Process EN

* a pre-employment screening is part of the hiring process

Relocate like a VIP

We roll out the red carpet for our employees. For international hires, this includes end-to-end relocation assistance. We’ll do everything we can to provide a smooth transition and help you feel at home. From helping with practicalities and formalities to showing you the highlights in your new location and lending a financial hand.