About our product

About our product

About our product

Dutch healthcare is perceived as one of the best in the world. But the system is not designed to be patient-centered; it has little transparency and needs a fundamental change to stay accessible and affordable for everyone.

About our product
Quin App

Our ambitions?

Empower patients to control their health, get better digital and physical care, and choose the best treatment based on tailored insights. We reimagine global healthcare.

At Quin, we have started a digital health movement. Our impact-driven digital platform develops accessible, quality-focused, data-driven treatment pathways in close collaboration with top medical practitioners.

We continuously explore new and better ways. We hire top talent and partner with the greatest companies when we can't do it alone. We have the top scientists, engineers, and doctors. Together we strengthen healthcare for the better, whether it is about preventative or reactive healthcare.


Setting new standards

With everything we do, the patient’s interests determine our actions. Quin guides the patient to the right medical care at the right time at the right place. Based on their medical profile, history, and current symptoms, the most appropriate care pathway is created, aiming for the best health outcome.

We are passionate about what we do and determined to kickstart this fundamental change. We will set the new standard for efficiency and transparency, and we make sure that when it comes to the patient's health, they come first and they are in charge.

New Standard
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After completing series A  (€25m), we developed an MVP and built a network of GPs and medical specialists that culminated in a successful platform launch. Quin is currently working on a series B funding round to realize its next strategic goals. These involve 3 core pillars:

Continue developing specialized Diagnose & Indication Care pathways

Preparing the company for its international rollout.

Identifying partnership opportunities for e.g., GP information system integration and medical content providers.


Quin is growing up

Quin is growing up, and we are transforming our tech-driven agile approach into a product-led vision. The Patient Journey is the basis for what we do here at Quin, therefore, leading to our product development and ultimately supporting our business objectives.

Focus on the patient's journey

We have 3 main goals to create sustainable high, impact healthcare:

Patient Empowerment

Patient guidance and self-service throughout the patient journey

Support the Care Provider

Workload reduction, workflow automation, and easy access to specialist knowledge

Facilitate Objective diagnosis and indication

Data-driven and a uniform patient journey that combines the expertise of primary and specialist caregivers.

Our patient journey platform is divided into 5 domains:

Patient Guidance with complaint information and self-care tooling

Care Provider Content and Support with diagnosis, indication, and planning features

Diagnose Follow-up where we offer specific pathways for treatment guidance and chronically ill patients

Care Provider Workflow where GPs and specialists can get automated workflows

Communication and connection via several communication and connection tools for patients, GPs, and specialists like direct messaging, picture sharing and remote consultation


Quin’s channels are structured into two categories to optimize how we provide end-to-end healthcare solutions for most patients. From first symptoms to specialist treatment plans.

Quin Consumer (for patients)

  • Native IOs and Android apps for mobile devices
  • AI-powered symptom checker, symptom monitoring, video consultations, appointment scheduling, access to context, and information

Quin Pro (for GPs and medical specialists)

  • Video consultations
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Diagnostics and (specialist) care pathways
  • Patient data from the Quin app serves as a check-in
  • Available as scalable web application

Organizational Structure

Organization Structure Quin