Look beyond and help us build the future of healthcare

We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that enable appropriate care at the right place at the right time.

Fueled by pioneering health tech, we collaborate with our exceptional colleagues – a dedicated team of medical, technical, and business innovators. Together, we're shaping a transformative future for healthcare.

Kijk verder en help ons bouwen aan de toekomst van medische zorg

Job openings at Quin

Business Operations

Financial Controller


Executive Assistant


Tech, Product & Design

Senior DevOps Engineer


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Product Manager


Tech, Product & Design

Senior DevOps Engineer 


Openstaande vacatures

Business Operations

Senior Sales Consultant


Een multidisciplinair team

A multidisciplinary team is the foundation of our success!

We have big dreams, but we know that future-proofing healthcare requires small steps. It's a continuous relay race, where medical professionals pass the baton to business developers, who then pass it on to our designers, engineers, and so on. We want to make an impact, we share our highs and lows, but above all, we work with heart and soul towards our common goal: giving patients more control. By providing the healthcare sector with the right data and digital tools, we can streamline and humanize the patient journey.

Want to know what we're building? Read more about our product.

Have fun at work!

Quin is proud of its inclusive, inspiring, and inviting club of energetic, future-optimists. People who overcome setbacks with a smile on their face, knowing that pioneering can be unpredictable. If you want to achieve great things together, you can't be too faint-hearted, so we are determined, but also support each other at every step. Constant, honest feedback is a must, and if you set the bar too high, you'll naturally be called back. At Quin, we see mistakes as learning opportunities, for all of us.

Veel plezier op je werk!

What course do you set?

Our values are our compass and give us direction. They ensure that, using our knowledge of the medical world, we very specifically aim for our goal of giving patients more control over their own health. Our values are not abstract concepts; they are the mantras that we live by daily, that we breathe. Will you sail with us?



Make it happen
We translate vision into reality. Our goal is to have a positive impact on the future of medical care.



Pave the path
We are on the journey to change. We have the courage to lead the way and inspire others to join us.

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Strengthening each other
United in purpose, we thrive by strengthening each other. Collaboratively, we create a supportive environment, fostering success for all.

Meet your fellow pioneers!

Our team consists of more than 55 colleagues, who speak over 20 languages and together cover the entire spectrum from doctors to data scientists, business developers, and hardcore technicians. A diverse team, therefore, full of fascinating personalities who, regardless of their different backgrounds, all share one passion: giving patients more control and making the lives of medical professionals easier. What makes our Quinners so special? And how do they contribute to our mission? They would love to tell you!


Adoption Lead

"Working at Quin means working in an ambitious, open, and engaged environment. Together with all the teams, we contribute to Quin's ambition to future-proof healthcare. It's not an easy task, but with my Quin colleagues, the dedication of the team, the positive energy, and room for jokes and fun, we make it happen together."


Business Controller

"Innovating healthcare with young, highly motivated colleagues who also enjoy healthy and fun activities! You can feel that everyone at Quin is convinced that we are really going to make a change. People are intrinsically motivated, have mutual respect, and we are all incredibly ambitious together."


Principal Engineer

"I joined Quin because I wanted to be part of a company that aims to transform our healthcare landscape. At Quin, everyone has the opportunity and freedom to participate in decision-making. We constantly strive to be at the forefront of technology."

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Why would you want to work at Quin?

Because you're looking for more than just a great job (which you've probably already ticked off your bucket list). You want to contribute to something bigger. A job with impact. And a job that you start each morning with pleasure! That's what we offer.

Impact maken

Making an impact

in improving our healthcare system

Een competitief salaris

A competitive salary

that reflects your meaningful contribution to this important goal

Blijven leren is de basis

Continuous learning is the foundation

and we do this with our brand-new program for your personal development

Impact maken

Build a Next-Gen Product for Healthcare

wish a positive impact on life

Een competitief salaris

Work on new products

and the development of features

Blijven leren is de basis

Work in a tech based environment

and Discover New Tools

Een 100% betaald pensioen

A 100% paid pension

by us, you don't have to pay a dime

Geweldige collega's

Become part of awesome teams

who are as ambitious, enthusiastic, idealistic, and sociable as you

Een inclusieve diverse plek

An inclusive diverse place

where being yourself is supported and encouraged

Regelmatig evenementen

Regular events

such as fun outings, team-building activities, and parties

De hybride omgeving

The hybrid environment

is a combination of office and remote working


An inspiring office

in the vibrant center of Amsterdam, with fresh fruit, healthy lunches and plenty of creative spaces

Quin Vacancies Office Fun
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*pre-employment screening is part of the application process

Relocate like a VIP

We roll out the red carpet for our employees. We assist our international workers with door-to-door relocation. We will also do everything we can to make the transition as smooth as possible and help you feel at home. We are there for you, from practical matters and formalities to showing you the highlights in your new hometown, and we also offer financial assistance.

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