Software Engineer (Frontend Focus) 

40 hours · Amsterdam €65-€85K annually including holiday allowance 

Quin’s product tech team has a clear mission: to craft a scalable platform that catapults healthcare into the 22nd century.

We're developing next-gen, AI-driven applications for caregivers and patients, apps that guide individuals to the right medical assistance and provide that much-needed support.

Primary Care is one of our product teams focussing on providing new capabilities to our patient and GP-facing applications. We aim to lower the high workload of GP’s and assistants while delivering an optimal patient experience throughout their healthcare request.


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As our Software Engineer, in the Primary Care Team 

You will play a key role in the design and implementation of new features as well as maintaining and improving our existing codebase. You will take ownership of features and collaborate with product designers/managers and other engineering colleagues to reach our business goals. Our team focuses on delivering value to our stakeholders as fast as possible and keeping process/bureaucracy to a minimum, so you will be given a high level of autonomy and creative freedom, in return we expect you to bring your A-game when it comes to assertiveness and engagement as well as having a great eye for detail.

How do you make us better? 

 If you are a Frontend Developer with: 

  • 4+ years of professional software development experience.
  • Professional experience with TypeScript, React, NodeJS, HTML and CSS.
  • Strong grasp of fundamental software design/engineering principles.
  • Experience taking ownership of complete end-to-end features, this includes gathering requirements, technical design, and implementation.
  • Excellent communication skills and an assertive pragmatic mindset. You understand when to prioritize quality over delivery speed and vice-versa.
  • Experience with consuming APIs (e.g. REST, GraphQL, TRPC).
  • Knowledge and professional experience automating testing approaches for front-end applications.
It would be nice if you have :
  • Experience with application state-management/client caching tools like Redux / React Query.
  • Experience contributing and maintaining a design system/UI library.
  • Experience designing and implementing APIs using BE technologies (NodeJS, Java, etc).
  • Basic knowledge of CI/CD concepts and experience configuring deployment and code quality pipelines.

 ...then this job is right for you! 

What will you get from us? 

We hope the opportunity to future-proof healthcare with us gets your adrenaline pumping. That’s what makes us, your colleagues tick. Speaking of which, you’ll work with talented, international teammates who are always happy to bounce ideas off each other, so learning from peers is a given. We accelerate the learning curve through our (buzz incoming) career development program, which helps you plot the optimal Quin course and empowers you to reach personal goals quickly. As for the nitty-gritty: we ‘inject’ your checking account with a gross salary of up to 85K per year depending on seniority.  

At Quin, we're all about embracing flexibility and keeping that work-life balance in check. Step into our world, where we offer a fantastic hybrid work environment – think 60% office vibes and 40% comfy home setups!

We support flexibility and work-life balance and offer a hybrid work environment. 60/40 is what we aim for. But given our prime location (the former Netflix building), you may find yourself gravitating towards the office more often. If only to challenge a colleague in ping-pong, grab a meal, or join our regular learning sessions and lunch lectures

And if you're ready to take the leap and join us, we've got your back with relocation assistance from start to finish.

Ready to future-proof healthcare with us?  

Hit that healthy-looking button to set up a digital appointment. Or contact Andrew at for more info and an inspirational pitch. 😉  


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